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Klimek & Wijay is a law firm in Perth, Western Australia that specialises in family law. Klimek & Wijay provide legal services related to family law which includes divorce, child custody, child support, restraining orders, financial arrangements, property settlement spousal maintenance and other family law matters. Klimek & Wijay are highly experienced family lawyers and are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients.


[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Applying for divorce
The first step in the divorce process is to prove to the court that you have a legal marriage. A certificate of marriage that has a translation into English which is sworn can be adequate. In case you do not have a certificate of marriage, or you require the marriage certificate that you have to be translated, the family lawyers in our firm can organise this for you.
The court will need to be convinced that the relationship in question has irretrievably broken down.. A minimum separation duration of 12 months before applying for divorce is also required..
In Perth, and the rest of Australia, the court cannot grant a divorce unless it is convinced that plans for any children have been put in place. That does not imply that the plans made by the parties involved are formal nor does it imply that there are no disagreements but rather it means that at the time of hearing the divorce case the children are being taken care of and provided for as required.
We have more information and advice about child custody and child support on our website.

Can I apply for divorce myself?
You can apply for a divorce yourself, so long as all the legal requirements are fulfilled. You can obtain a Do It Yourself Divorce Kit which is simple to understand at the Family Court of Western Australia website.

The process of applying for divorce is relatively simple, however it is a good idea to have an experienced family lawyer give you advice before filing, particularly if you need to negotiate with the other party regarding child custody, child support, financial arrangements and dividing assets.

Service and Notice
After lodging the divorce application, normally a date for a hearing will be set, which is usually at least two months after the application for divorce has been lodged.
A copy of the divorce application must be personally served the other party. If the divorce application cannot be personally served, an application can be made to the court stating that either your spouse has been informed about the hearing of the divorce case, or you made every effort to inform them.
After finalising the divorce, a sealed certificate of divorce is issued.

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