Child Support

The duty of the Child Support Agency is to evaluate the support obligations of your child after you have placed an application requiring an assessment to be done by the agency. The amount of child support payments to be paid depends on the income of parents, the number of children being considered and also the living arrangements the parents have.

Some parents choose a private child support agreement which may be less, more, or of a nature that is different from the estimation decided by the Child Support Agency. The agreements made by parents can either be registered or not registered with the Child Support Agency. Agreements done in private can incorporate certain other charges, for example, medical costs, fees for private schools or payments for other extracurricular activities.

Our lawyers can assist you in understanding the obligations for your child support and offer you advice whether legal action should be started to change the amount of child support that is required to be paid or whether the child support payments should be left as agreed.

Our team of lawyers is made up of family law experts who are well versed with the intricate details about the laws regarding child support. As a client, we will make sure that you fully understand your case and the rights that you have. In addition, we shall provide the necessary support to you in every part of the legal process.

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