It’s possible to apply for a divorce in Australia after being separated for a period of no less than one year. An application asking for divorce can be made by a single party or both parties cooperatively.
In some situations, a divorce can be given to a couple that still live together, even after separation, so long as they prove to the court that they are not staying as a married couple.

In cases where there are children involved who are below 18 years old, a divorce can only be granted by the court if it is convinced that the required plans to take care of the welfare of those children have been made. Spousal maintenance may be included in the arrangements aimed at taking care of the children and our divorce lawyers can offer help in these cases which contain spousal maintenance.

Getting a divorce influences the limit of time given by the Family Court in which a petition for property settlement has to be started. Also, divorce has the consequence of invalidating the will of a party and making it subject to the divorce obtained.

Our group of divorce lawyers have the skills and experience to help you prepare an application to request a divorce. Our skilled family lawyers make sure that the application you make continues to the next level without any difficulties.

Our divorce lawyers are respectful of your personal situation. We understand that undergoing a divorce may be an experience that is difficult for you and your family. For this reason, we work hard to arrive at a satisfactory result that is just to all parties involved.

Property Settlement in Divorce
The process of resolving property ownership disputes in divorce includes a transfer of the property from one owner to a different one. In case a residential or commercial property is involved in your divorce, a property settlement may be required in order to satisfy the two parties.

With a combined legal experience of over 50 years, our divorce lawyers can advise our clients confidently about the most appropriate path to follow. In addition, our team will make sure that a just settlement is done fast and efficiently.

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