Spousal Maintenance

In many situations, there is an unfair financial imbalance between the two parties as a result of separation.

The family court will order spousal or partner maintenance if one party can prove to the court that they are not able to cater for their own basic reasonable needs which usually include housing, car and up keep money, as a result of the separation or divorce. The other party will be compelled to pay for the said needs if the court determines that they have the means to pay.

In some cases, if the party applying for spousal or partner maintenance provides adequate proof so that the family court is convinced of his or her reasonable needs, spousal or partner maintenance can be fulfilled either from borrowing against capital or income.

Our family lawyers can give you legal advice and representation in relation to spousal or partner maintenance. Also, they can assist you in solving your financial disputes by making sure that the reasonable needs you have are taken care of by the payment of spousal maintenance.

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